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Horsham Artist burns paintings

PR Sussex

April 2012, Horsham, Sussex:

Horsham Artist burns 40 paintings worth £100,000

by Lorraine Nugent, of Sussex Advertising agency Media Word Waves

Bill Hudson, an established artist and oil painter of 69 years of age decided to burn 40 of his framed paintings to re-create a new piece of art from the ashes.

Bill’s art fetches on average between £2 and £4k. Vernon Holt, Bill’s art dealer was not best pleased at first when Bill mentioned his plans as he was set to loose approximately £100k. The work that has been burnt has not been disregarded or unimportant, for instance, one of the larger pictures that went up in flames won Bill an art prize.

“As his dealer, I find the project perversely both exciting and distressing, in equal measures but Bill was adamant about burning the paintings” Vernon explained “I have managed to keep his more recent work and is on show in my gallery in Southwark, London”.

As the burning took place, Bill told Lorraine Nugent, of Sussex PR and Marketing company Media Word Waves, who witnessed the burning, “Within each image is the sum of hours worked on the piece, and the passing of time as the finished piece. I consider this their ‘timeline ”. Bill talked of how he wants to find the “fourth dimension”.

“This ‘spent’ time is of importance to Bill who believes that by burning the paintings, he can capture it back from the ashes and whatever may come, it will be a rebirth, Phoenix like.” commented Vernon.

The drawings and paintings that Bill has worked on over the past 10 years have focused on showing movement and depth, are more abstract to some of his earlier work. Bill went on to add “I had the original idea to burn some of my work back in 1986 when I was at Norwich School of Art but a tutor persuaded me not to do it. Now is the time, when I decide to do something, I have to follow it through”.

The ‘burning’ took place in the early evening in Partridge Green, West Sussex on Thursday 19th April. It had been raining heavily all day but stopped just a half an hour before the ‘burning’ was to take place to an audience of friends and supporters. Some incredible artworks were burnt, and a friend shouted “No not that one!” but it still went onto the fire.

Bill looked quite happy and seemed both frustrated and excited that he had to wait for the ashes to cool before starting on his new work. Bill is hoping to use the colours and ash to create something special but even he isn’t yet sure how this will turn out but hopes to have the new piece completed soon.

For more information, photos or video of the event please contact Media Word Waves

To view a sample of Bill’s work visit

To arrange for a private viewing of Bills remaining work with no obligation please call Vernon Holt on 07515 729326.

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