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Media Word Waves - Is your business ready for the economic upturn?

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August 2013, Horsham, Sussex:

Is your business ready for the economic upturn?

by Lorraine Nugent, of Horsham PR agency Media Word Waves

With strong evidence that the economy is now starting to pick up, it is vital that your target audience know you are still around. Your business and your brand need to be visible now, more than ever.

How do you keep your brand and business in pole position?

Get back to basics – think about who your target audience are and who your current customers are? How do they find you? What are you doing to let them know your current offering? How could this be improved?

A good mix of media is essential in today’s marketplace; the printed word is still important and definitely not dead yet. Couple this with a good mix of suitable online media.

Of course, what works for one business and industry sector may not work for your business – think tactically?

* What do the majority of your customers read?

* Where do they network?

* What do they watch and listen to?

* Which online tools are they using?

With regards to social media, don’t just dabble – think about your potential customers, Facebook can work for some businesses but not all, consider the ever growing medium of video and making use of YouTube, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You should try and link all your material to have a common thread. Make full use of every article and press release, if you have something published in a newspaper or magazine, make sure you tweet about the article, promote it via Facebook, mention in your LinkedIn groups and on your Google+ account.

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