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Hounds and Hides, Jodie Deakin, Sussex Marketing

April 2015, Brighton, Sussex:

Hounds and Hides: Pedigree Business could be leading the market

by Sussex PR Agency Media Word Waves

In a world where our beloved pooches deserve only the very finest, it’s no wonder that up and coming luxury leather pet accessory company 'Hounds and Hides' has taken the market by storm. 23 year old Jodie Deakin, founder of the high-end collection, has been on a mission to provide her beautiful French bulldog, 'Cash', with the best quality collars and leads and on the way has blossomed into a successful young entrepreneur.

Spending many years being trained with leather, Jodie actually found her passion for the industry whilst working as a Production Assistant at an adult leather company, where she produced top quality leather goods and clothing. After sustaining a wealth of knowledge in leather and developing a passion for the trade, she made the dramatic leap from the BDSM industry to pet accessories. Perhaps not the most obvious transition but one that has certainly benefited Jodie and the many dog lovers out there looking to treat their pampered pups.

The 'Hounds and Hides' website offers beautifully designed, bespoke dog collars and leads made from the finest Italian leather. The aim is to not only look stunning wrapped around our furry friends but to be as comfortable as possible - which is of course aided by the fantastic quality of the leather. Recognising that every pet is a special individual, Jodie began to offer the option to personalise accessories by having the pooches names embossed onto the leather.

George and Teddy pugs raved about the product saying "We love our matching collars! Even better that they are personalised so now nobody mixes me up from my twin Pug!"

Sussex Advertising, Hounds and Hides

Hounds and Hides Dog Collar modelled by George the Pug

Hounds and Hides Dog Collar modelled by Teddy the Pug

Pugs George and Teddy model their collars from Hounds and Hides. 

Sussex Marketing, Hounds and Hides

In February of 2015 Jodie became winner of an entrepreneurial initiative enabling the company to lift off the ground and begin conceiving new products - her most ambitious concept being a 2-in-1 luxury pet carrier that will also be a fashionable handbag. Having already hooked a large number of overseas customers and gained copious interest from dog lovers, Jodie is hoping the nature of Hounds and Hides will take it straight to Harrods.

Despite her rapid and impressive success in the pet industry taking up much of Jodie's day, there is still time to photograph the gorgeous Cash with his handcrafted embellishments which can all be found on Instagram along with lots of other pups all looking rather fetching indeed.

To find out more about Jodie and her leather pet accessories please visit

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