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Stephanie Kane, Studio14, Marketing Croydon

December 2015, Canterbury:

Young Entrepreneur Sabrina Pearson proves to be more than Switched On

by Kent PR agency Media Word Waves

Sabrina Pearson was crowned East Kent’s Young Start-up Talent winner in September of 2015 with her business Illuminame.  We recently got in touch to see how her business has evolved since gaining the £50k prize fund worth of products and services to lift the company off the ground.

This young entrepreneur came to YST with a concept surrounding a personalised desk light under her company Illuminame Ltd.  She proposed to the panel that her light could take the shape of any word depending on the customers choosing, and would sit on a thin rectangular base housing LED bulbs. In the time between entering YST and pitching to the judges, with the help of sponsor – Fastsigns, Sabrina was able to have a fully working prototype produced to legitimise the potential in her product. Sabrina quickly convinced judges that Illuminame is an innovative business with a unique product for the growing personalised product market.

Now at the stage where she is looking to find the right manufacturer for her product, Sabrina is spending her time preparing the business ready for launch.  She is trying to utilise every aspect of the broad prize fund in time for the finished product, including a brand new website which is on its way to completion.

Regular networking has meant that Sabrina has gained a hefty amount of contacts, many of whom have already made orders for purchase. With an ever growing order-list before the product has officially launched, Sabrina is set to be getting off to a fantastic start and has seen keen interest from various customers without any marketing. While many have asked for children’s names in lights Sabrina has also had a range of corperate customers, with one business owner asking for their company name in lights to be placed in their shop window.

Looking back on her time with the initiative Sabrina maintains that she “wouldn’t have a business without it.”  She went on to say “Before it was just an idea and I didn’t know who to contact. During the process my prototype was created and I got to understand so much more about my product. Now moving forward, I know what I’m asking for in terms of materials and I can steer it in the right direction with this knowledge.”

While Sabrina’s main selling point lies in her personalised products, she is also working on delivering a standard range for homes, where she will sell set words at set prices.

The promising entrepreneur claims that the support of the YST team and its sponsors is the most motivating element. “The whole experience has given me so much confidence and provided me with so many transferable skills that I really didn’t know I had. I have been given so much drive to make this happen.”

To find out more follow @IlluminameUK or visit

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